About Randy and Karla

With over 30 years of combined experience in an ever-changing industry, we think that our longevity speaks for itself. You can’t remain firmly rooted in the ways of ‘yester-year‘ and expect to be able to meet the needs of others today. (We threw away our 8-track tapes years ago.) Web 2.0 and traditional marketing methods alone don’t cut it anymore.

While we pride ourselves on our creativity and ability to be forward-thinking, there are some things that we do remain firmly old-school and un-wavering about:

We take your business seriously;
We will provide excellent customer service;

We’ll tell you if you have broccoli in your teeth: making your business look good is our business

About Randy:

Randy Archer is a Southern bred New Media videographer, editor, designer with a passion for tech, social media and laughter.

Shaking things up. Asking ‘why?’ Solving problems. Having fun. Exploring better ways. These are daily pursuits that he applies to the way he lives and works.


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About Karla:

Karla Archer is a technophile, a writer, idea generator, and a designer.

Prior to joining forces with Randy, Karla ran Fruition Designs, an online graphic design boutique. She created the original Mommy Cards, which were featured on parenting sites all over the internet. Originally specializing in print design, her leap into the blog world in 2005 made the decision to take on web design an easy one.

She and her 4 littles moved to Birmingham, AL, in 2010, and are Living the Life Fantastic with Randy.

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